~~ sea rovers ~~

This video was shot at The Jackie Robinson YMCA circa 1987. Social Spit (Cliff, Johnny V, Sean Diatribe and Paul Prowler) played this show with Dick’s Army, Insolents, Agnostic Front and GBH.


This video was shot at Patrick Henry High School in May of 1986. The Renegades cover Johnny Thunders’ ‘blame it on mom.’


TDP Video shot videos of nearly 100 bands between 1986-1987 in San Diego. We sold some of the tapes at Off the Record on El Cajopn Blvd and through the backs of small zines. This video was shot at The Jackie Robinson YMCA in 86, when Socucion Mortal played with Synod, The Rhythm Pigs and English Dogs.


This video was shot at the California Theater in San Diego circa 1987 when The Tell-Tale Hearts played a show with The Pandoras and The Cramps. The Cramps people wouldn’t allow us to tape the show so we had to sneak into the building. We climbed the fire escape on an adjacent building and found a door that opened into the theater. We had to climb into the projection booth at the top of the theater (it was pitch black in there by the way) in order to secretly shoot the gig.

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