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I don’t mean to encourage the delusions of Doomsday Cults, such as Heaven’s Gate or the Republican Party, but since today’s apocalypse caused me to dream of the end of the world last night (redwood trees were falling from the sky and a dolphin fell out of the hurricane and crashed through a car roof as I walked down 30th St.) I thought I would post  the section from BOB on Bukowski’s Last Night of the Earth Poems and a link to one of them.

from The Book of Books

Last Night of the Earth Poems • Charles Bukowski – When I checked this book out of the library I found a poem by Hosho McCreesh droplifted inside by the Guerilla Poetics Project. According to the website where I registered the poem as found, GPP operatives covertly smuggled 52,220 poem broadsides into bookstores and libraries around the world. I tried for a few days to write a poem as solid as Bukowski’s The Soldier, His Wife and the Bum, but failed realizing I lacked the iconic foundation he’d poured across the plumb line of an entire life.

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My partner, the fair Angela, has just gone through the harrowing process of searching for, applying, and interviewing for a job. She actually got the job, and I’m sure that our landlord and our grocer are as happy about that as we are, and yet our adulation does not diminish what I called in this poem “the humiliation of work.”

I’m reminded of my dearly departed grandma’s voice saying what a blessing to have a job, and my syndicalist friends reminding me what a struggle for workers in the US to earn things we take for granted like relatively safe working conditions, a minimum wage, the 8 hour day… (I mourn the dead workers who were locked in a Bangladeshi garment factory that caught fire) and at the same time wonder if the drug tests, the psychological interviews, the background checks… are conducive to a just work environment where meaningful work is done.

This is a video of a poem I wrote a few years back before starting a job in THE CUBE.


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For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jimmy Jazz and I consider myself a writer. I’ve written several novels, stories, poems, articles,read my poems in public many times, but quite obviously I have been ignoring this blog forum. I’ve been furiously busy revising two of my novels for publication. House of the Unwed Mother and The Cadillac Tramps. Limited editions of both of these books were published in 1993.  And in 2012 new trade paperback and Kindle editions have been created.

As a self-publishing author I have to try to sell the books myself.

House of the Unwed Mother is a fictionalized account of 7 girls’ experience with sex and being Mormon. As Tamara Johnson says in the forward, Catholic guilt has nothing on Mormon guilt, one of the engines of control used by the church. It’s a very vivid and I hope frank account of sexual life. I think it’s appropriate for readers of all ages, because I think that censorship and ignorance lead to young women having families before they are ready.

I did more re-writing on The Cadillac Tramps than I did on HUM. I went over it 8 times in the past few months, and I think it rocks. I thought it was good enough to publish, and so I hope you will let me know. The photographs by Patrick Haley are great too. He shot one roll of film on our trip (before digital) and his intuition about clicking the shutter while a live band is playing rates with the masters. I should probably warn readers that the book contains a PG picture of me running naked through a sprinkler.

The books are self-published through CreateSpace, a print on demand company associated with Amazon. You can buy the books from Amazon for $9.99 plus shipping, but I get a slightly bigger royalty if you order it directly from CreateSpace.

The Cadillac Tramps

House of the Unwed Mother



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As some of you might be aware I’ve begun the project of publishing my novels using Amazon Kindle and will soon issue print versions of my back catalog using Amazon’s CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a print-on-demand service that seems like it will allow me to buy books cheap enough to sell them at live readings.

You may also be aware that there is a small war Continue reading “Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 73”

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The Knockout Artist • Harry Crews – Lydia Lunch started a band called Harry Crews with Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth that recorded songs based on Crew’s novels. They recorded a live album in London and Austria. After a song called The Gospel Singer Lunch banters with crowd: Harry Crews a man by the same name as the band. I know it’s confusing cause you never heard of him. Continue reading “Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 71”

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Last night Angela and I walked up to the Whistle Stop to hear DJ Chris Woo spin some tunes and check out a show of paintings by another friend Kandi Guzman. Outside on the sidewalk we ran into Murrugun T. Mystic. We had done some shows together about 8 years ago when he was performing as The Junkboy Sideshow. He wondered what happened to a picture I had of him blowing himself up at one of our shows. He actually strapped a metal plate around his chest, rigged it with explosives and detonated it at the show. The explosion was much bigger than anyone expected. ‘Kaboomski’, as my old mate Cecil Hayduke liked to say.

The blast knocked him clean out of the picture and left a huge bruise on his chest. He went on to become a first rate sword swallower and sideshow act extraordnaire. ‘I got more than I picture’ I said. ‘I got a video!’ The actual blow up happens so fast it may be hard to follow at first. I’ve replayed it over and over, and find it funnier each time.


Swashbucklers ~~ Andre Breton

Anthology of Black Humor by Andre Breton reviewed by Jimmy Jazz

My grandparent’s sent me a church pamphlet once lamenting the passing from decorum the dialectal (or black) humor. Amos ‘n’ Andy sure could shuck and jive. Those black people are some of the funniest folks I have known, I’ll never forget the way that Benny kid used to cut up in my humanities class. Knee-slapper. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Andre Breton”

Swashbucklers ~~ Ellyn Maybe

Ellyn Maybe interviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Jazz: How did you get your nom de plume?

Maybe: I felt too shy to ever read. The first time I read was at an open reading where they had 19 readers and they wanted 20. People were going, ‘Oh Ellyn can read!’ So I read at that, really shy about the whole thing… People were encouraging. The first few readings I went to, when it was time to sign up, I put in parentheses (Maybe I’ll read) because I wasn’t sure. It was pretty scary. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Ellyn Maybe”