Swashbucklers ~~ Roger Bonair Agard

INTERVIEW with National Poetry Slam Champ Roger Bonair-Agard
by Jimmy Jazz

“Because my work deals with a lot of themes: family, revolution, race etcetera etcetera and because I come from a tradition that has produced so much protest music whether it be calypso, whether it be reggae, whether it be jazz, whether it be hip hop, one cannot help but be influenced, so Bob Marley is as much an influence on me as is Shakespeare, calypsonian David Rudder is as much an influence on me as is Amiri Baraka, Coltrane is as much an influence on me as is Sonya Sanchez.” Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Roger Bonair Agard”

Swashbucklers ~~ Cindylee Berryhill

Cindylee Berryhill interviewed by Jimmy Jazz 

Jazz: How is writing a book different than writing a song?

Cindy Lee Berryhill: That an interesting question [one of Cindy’s fans comes up to our table at the cafe…] With song writing– before I made my first record, because nobody knew where I was coming from it was really easy to just say anything I wanted in a song and not have somebody think that it was non-fiction all about me, now whenever I write things people think that it’s really about me, and I hate that, Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Cindylee Berryhill”