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Overcoming the résumé gap.

I’ve had a lot of jobs and taken time off from work and gotten new jobs. When they ask about those gaps in the resume, I just tell them the truth. I was writing. I’m a writer. It doesn’t always pay the rent, so I need to work. But what about the reverse, the gap in the writer’s resume? Inexplicable periods of no artistic production. What should I tell my desired readers?

Sorry I was working in a bank.

Jimmy Jazz Performance History: a list of featured readings*


• Poetry & Art w/ host Michael Klam, Ryan Forsythe, Charlie Griggs, Julie Harris and Dani Heinemeyer, Katie Farris, and Hal Jaffe @ San Diego Art Institute







• Drunk Poets Society @ Winston’s



• The Avant Garde summer performance series w/ Anarchist Think Tank @ SDSU

• Peace & Freedom Party fundraiser w/ Theresa F, Jim Moreno, Diego Davalos and Squiddo @ Hot Monkey Love Cafe

• San Diego Slam (first place) @ Voz Alta

• Full Moon Invitational Slam w/ minerva, Michael Klam, Ant Black, Al Howard, Shana, Trish Dugger, Josh Flemming, John Rubio… @ La Paloma Theater


• Spoken word w/ Saul Williams and Thavius Beck @ The Casbah

• The Science of Blowing Up: w/ Cecil Hayduke, Michael Klam, Beth Lisick and Tara Jepson @ Voz Alta

• The Science of Blowing Up: summer reading series

w/ Michael Klam, Cecil Hayduke, June Melby, Jeff McDaniel, Steve Abee @ Voz Alta

w/ Michael Klam, Cecil Hayduke, Michelle Tea, Bucky Sinister, Anna Joy Springer @ Voz Alta

w/ Michael Klam, Cecil Hayduke, Jervey Tervalon and Derrick Brown @ Voz Alta


• The Greatest Spoken Word Show Since Sliced Bread w/ Lydia Lunch, Daphne Gottlieb, Hal Sirowitz, Michael Klam & mc Cecil Hayduke @ Casbah

• Spoken Word Circus w/ Junk Boy Sideshow, Bucky Sinister, Michael Klam and Cecil Hayduke @ Muse Records

• City Works 2003 featured writer @ City College

• Blame Canada spoken word show w/ Alexis O’Hara, Tarin Towers, Michael Klam and Cecil Hayduke @ Current Affairs Bookstore

• Poetry & Art w/ Vejea Jennings and host Michael Klam @ The San Diego Art Institute


• National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis

@ TGI Friday’s w/ SD  slam teim

@ Glüek’s Bar w/ SD  slam teim

• West Coast Championship Poetry Slam w/ SD slam teim @ Henry Miller Library, Big Sur

• Las Vegas slam team v. SD slam teim @ Espresso Roma, Las Vegas

• Las Vegas slam team v. SD slam teim @ Urban Grind

• Mesa, AZ slam team v. SD slam teim @ Urban Grind

• Full Moon bi-annual poetry slam @ La Paloma Theater

• Artscape III w/ the SD  slam teim @ Galoka

• Laguna Beach slam team v. SD slam teim @ Wells Fargo, Laguna Beach

• San Diego Grand Slam @ Urban Grind

• Lydia Lunch presents The Unhappy Hour @ Parlour Club, LA

• Gynomite spoken word show @ Dizzy’s

• The Bus v. The Sub w/ Steve Abee @ The Whistle Stop

• City Works Anthology reading @ San Diego City College


• What the Fuck: avant porn anthology release party w/ Michael Hemmingson, Larry McCaffery, Hal Jaffe, Raymond Federman @ Dizzy’s

• Dos Mil Espacios festival w/ Michelle Serros… @ San Diego City College

• Slam! spoken word competition featured reader w/ Jervey Tervalon @ Occidental College

• Urban Grind Poetry Slam (1st place)


• Poetic Brew featured reader (aka the potato gun incident) @ Claire de Lune

• Secret Lives spoken word show w/ host Mary Leary @ Lestat’s

• Anarchy in the Cerebral Cortex Tour

w/ Lob @ Club Mesa, Costa Mesa

w/ Steve Abee @ Bookbound, Silverlake

• Union of Progressive Presses Party w/ Peter Plate, Upski and Bob Rosen @ Fireside Bowl, Chicago

• Spoken Word Show w/ Douglas Martin, Tamara Johnson, minerva @ Dizzy’s

• FringeFest w/ Tarin Towers, Todd Colby and Big Poppa E @ Tonic, NYC

• Superstars of Spoken Word w/ Pleasant Gehman, Shawna Kenney, minerva, Jon Longhi @ Dizzy’s

• Gynomite: fearless feminist porn w/ Liz Belile, Linda Albertano, Pam Ward, Michelle Glaw, Carlisle Vandervoort, Sassy Johnson and duVernge Gaines @ Dizzy’s

• The Laguna Poets w/ host Pat Cohee @ Wells Fargo Bank, Laguna Beach


• Cup of Culture w/ Jervey Tervalon @ Cal State Los Angeles

• Creative writing class @ Mesa College

• Creative writing class @ Point Loma Nazarene College

Slamnation film screening w/ Angela Boyce @ the Ken Cinema

• Featured reader w/ Dennis Cooper @ Skylight Books


Slam film screening

@ AMC 20

@ Hillcrest Cinema

• It Came From Venice Beach spoken word show w/ Ellyn Maybe, Matthew Niblock and Jeffrey McDaniel @ 6 at Penn Studio

• Freak Farm USA spoken word show w/ Steve Abee and Angela Boyce @ Museum of Death

• Incommunicado Press presents and evening of poetry, punk and pussy w/ Steve Abee and Liz Belile @ Fringeware Books, Austin

World Book Expo 1998

Firecracker Book Award presenter @ Crowbar, Chicago

w/ Douglas Martin, LA Ruocco, Seam and aMiniature @ Fireside Bowl, Chicago

w/ Douglas Martin, LA Ruocco and host Shappy @ Quimby’s Books, Chicago

• Spoken word w/ Barry Graham @ punk squat house, Phoenix

• Spoken word w/ DJ Reza @ Club Bordello

• Spoken word w/ Creedle @ Casbah

• Citizens for Severe Literature benefit w/ Jervey Tervalon, Pleasant Gehman, Stephanie Juno & Noelle B @ Sushi Community Space

• Featured reader w/ host Lob @ Club Mesa, Costa Mesa

• Jordan for Congress fund-raiser w/ Shannon Gleeson and 9 Wind @ Claire de Lune

• Writing Center Poetry Contest judged and performed w/ Lizzie Wann and Michael Klam @ The Ould Sod

• City Works ‘98 reading @ City College

• Fiction Reading w/ Barry Graham @ Reid’s Books, Phoenix

• Backyard Superstar Project @ KCR Radio, SDSU

• Featured reader @ Sony Artwalk

• Spoken Word Show w/ minerva, Beth Lisick and Jeffrey McDaniel @ Twiggs

• Creative writing class @ Point Loma Nazarene College

• Featured reader @ Fahrenheit 451, Laguna Beach


• Ruse-a-thon w/ Gilbert Castellanos, Taco Shop Poets… @ The Ruse

• Chiapas Benefit @ The Ruse

• Incommunicado Revolutionary Fiction Tour

w/ Peter Plate, Barry Graham and Don Bajema @ The Ruse

w/ Peter Plate, Steve Abee and Barry Graham @ George’s Gallery, Los Feliz

w/ Peter Plate, Barry Graham @ Edinburgh Castle, SF

• Incommunicado ‘Weekend of Destruction’ Tour

w/ Dave Alvin, Barry Graham, Steve Abee and The Bedbreakers @ Casbah

w/ Dave Alvin, Barry Graham, Steve Abee @ Skylight Books, Los Feliz

w/ Dave Alvin and Steve Abee @ City Lights Bookstore, SF

w/ Hank Hyena & Tarin Towers @ Intersection for the Arts Theater, SF

• First Wednesday featured reader @ The Writing Center

• Spoken Word that Doesn’t Suck w/ Clebo Rainey and Angela Boyce @ The Ruse

• Featured performer w/ KCR Freestars (aka Adams Avenue Street Faire Riot) @ Adams Avenue Street Fair

• Live Out Loud w/ Lizzie Wann, Stickman XXX, Jesse Cunningham, Elyse… @ Java Joe’s

• Pacific Review: afternoon of fiction, poetry and music (aka klown suit debacle) w/ Chris Baron, Martha Kinkade, Dr. Gerald Butler @ Casa Real, SDSU

• Starve Theater @ The Ruse

• Peace & Freedom Party 30th Anniversary w/ Marilyn Jordan, Shannon Gleeson and Angela Boyce @ Intersection Gallery

• Gas, Grub & Grammar Road Show w/ Hank Hyena, Juliette Torrez, Victor Infante, Lisa Verlo, MI Blue, noelle b @ Intersection Gallery

• Spoken word show w/ Stevie Harris and Abel Ashes @ the Ruse

• Valley Contemporary Poets featured reader @ Glendale Federal Savings, Canoga Park

• Revolutionary Spoken Word w/ Steve Abee, Liz Belile, and Barry Graham @ Skylight Books, Los Feliz

• Featured reader @ Sam’s Book City, North Hollywood

• The Devil’s Playground: writers in performance w/ Barry Graham, Marina Blake and Jack Evans @ Mars Gallery, Phoenix


• “School House Rock” (Teacher Strike Benefit) w/ Ray Brandes, Dizzy, Creedle and Several Girls Galore @ Casbah

• Spoken word w/ Several Girls Galore @ Brick by Brick

• Spoken word w/ Creedle @ Brick by Brick

• Native Tongues w/ Thomas Riley, Stephanie Heyl, Rafael Saavedra, Eclipse @ The Ruse

• Word Fuck series w/ MI Blue, noelle b and Michael Hemmingson @ The Fritz Theater

• Featured reader @ The Gypsy Den, Costa Mesa

• Featured reader w/ Noelle Franklin @ Paradise Lounge, SF

• Featured reader @ Java Hut, SF

• Featured reader w/ host Bucky Sinister @ The Chameleon, SF

• National Organization for Women (NOW) Stop 209 Benefit w/ Cindylee Berryhill, Dizzy and Conglomerate @ Casbah

The Sub book release party w/ Tamara Johnson and Jahson Edmonds @ Rita Dean Gallery

• Readings from The Sub

@ Borders books

@ Blue Door Bookstore

@ The Museum of Death

• Jordan for Congress fundraiser

@ Intersection Gallery

w/ Mukana and host Jose Sinatra @ Joe & Andy’s Bar

• Fetish and Taboo w/ noelle b, MI Blue, Annette Lambert, Daniel Printz @ Rita Dean Gallery

• Neighborhood Threat w/ Barry Graham, Peter Plate and Steve Abee @ Rita Dean Gallery


• Lying, Cheating & Stealing w/ MI Blue & noelle b, Marnie Webb, Dan Whitworth @ Rita Dean Gallery

• Dirty Work w/ noelle b, MI Blue, Tamara Johnson, Dan Whitworth @ Rita Dean Gallery

• The Pig Ritual @ Rita Dean Gallery

• Featured reader @ South x Southwest, Austin

• No Pity Tour w/ Stewart Home, Peter Plate & Jubilee Dunbar @ Rita Dean Gallery

• Spoken Word: an evening of performance poets w/ Liz Belile and Noelle b @ Wikiup

• Spoken Word All-Stars w/ Dave Alvin, Iris Berry, Pleasant Gehman, Liz Belile, Nicole Panter and Steve Abee @ Beyond Baroque

Exploded Views CD release w/ Rae Armantrout, Quincy Troupe, Angela Boyce…


@ Wikiup

• Independent Music Seminar organized and performed w/ The Watt’s Prophets @ Museum of Death

• Spoken word w/ Creedle @ Casbah

• Poetry slam (1st place) @ Intersection Gallery

• Spoken word w/ Creedle @ Casbah


• Lollapalooza

@ Kansas City

@ Minneapolis

@ Milwaukee

@ Chicago

@ San Diego

@ Los Angeles

• Qualifying Poetry Slams for Lollapalooza organizer & host

@ Casbah

@ Wikiup

• Inch CD release party w/ Doi-oi-oi-oi-oing @ Casbah

• Word Circus w/ Doi-oi-oi-oi-oing @ Wikiup

• Live fast, Doi-oi-oi-oi-oing w/ Fearless Vampire Killers and host Cole Heinowitz @ Gelato Vera

• Independent Music Seminar w/ Michele Serros, Linda Albertano, Pleasant Gehman, Tamara Johnson, Rich Ferguson @ Rita Dean Gallery

• Elements of Change w/ Collective Conscious @ Royal Food Mart

• Spoken word w/ Doi-oi-oi-oi-oing, Fern Trio and Cole Pylyshyn @ Cafe Chabalaba

• Spoken word w/ Creedle @ Casbah

• Spoken word w/ Creedle @ The Boiler Room


• Smashing the TV w/ Doi-oi-oi-oi-oing @ Cafe Chabalaba

• Independent Music Seminar spoken word show w/ Pleasant Gehman, Iris Berry, Nicole Panter, Tamara Johnson… @ Wikiup

* venues in San Diego unless noted