Swashbucklers ~~ Andre Breton

Anthology of Black Humor by Andre Breton reviewed by Jimmy Jazz

My grandparent’s sent me a church pamphlet once lamenting the passing from decorum the dialectal (or black) humor. Amos ‘n’ Andy sure could shuck and jive. Those black people are some of the funniest folks I have known, I’ll never forget the way that Benny kid used to cut up in my humanities class. Knee-slapper. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Andre Breton”

Swashbucklers ~~ Ellyn Maybe

Ellyn Maybe interviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Jazz: How did you get your nom de plume?

Maybe: I felt too shy to ever read. The first time I read was at an open reading where they had 19 readers and they wanted 20. People were going, ‘Oh Ellyn can read!’ So I read at that, really shy about the whole thing… People were encouraging. The first few readings I went to, when it was time to sign up, I put in parentheses (Maybe I’ll read) because I wasn’t sure. It was pretty scary. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Ellyn Maybe”

Swashbucklers ~~ Dennis Cooper

Dennis Cooper interviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Jazz: This Scottish writer I know, Barry Graham, told me once that you refused to speak at a Gay Pride event because you didn’t like the music. I was hoping you could comment on the role that music plays in your novels, for example Hüsker Dü in Try.
Dennis Cooper: Music’s really important to and in my work. The Husker Du stuff in Try was a tribute to Bob Mould, who’s a hero of mine. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Dennis Cooper”

Swashbucklers ~~ Jervey Tervalon

All the Trouble You Need   excerpt from the novel by Jervey Tervalon

“A new suit? Who’s this white girl tat has you so sprung?” Ned asked Jordan, as Jordan admired himself in the bathroom mirror.
“I told you she’s just a friend.”
“Man, man, man.  You got women out the woodwork. Poor little Sophia’s calling every day and that other chick, Freak Mama Mary calls looking for you and all you do is act moony and mope over this new chick.”
“Sophia knows I’m busy working on my thesis.”
“Yeah, you busy.  Had the car washed, your hair styled, a new used suit, flowers… please, you busy in love.”
“Ned, as usual you don’t know what’s happening.”
“All right, then you don’t mind if I ask Sophia out?” Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Jervey Tervalon”

Swashbucklers ~~ William Upski Wimsatt

Willaim Upski Wimsatt interviews by Jimmy Jazz


Jazz: I’ll start by saying that you have enough good ideas in your book No More Prisons for 5 books, any one of which could be the most important way for someone who cares to begin the 21st century. How is it that you were able to transform yourself from a hip-hop grafiti writer to a saavy political activist? Or maybe there was no big transformation?

Upski: It’s funny, I was just thinking that I didn’t put ENOUGH good ideas in there and that what I really need to do is a book that’s all creative solutions. Like 100 creative solutions or something like that. Of course the title would have to be better. But I don’t know if people who read my shit now would read that. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ William Upski Wimsatt”

Swashbucklers ~~ Beth Love

Beth Moore Love interviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Jimmy Jazz: Could you describe your painting Dwarf Toss as if we were doing a radio interview?

Beth Love: Oh, I can’t describe paintings because paintings are something you paint, you know, it’s something that I just don’t do. I carry around pictures of my work so that when people ask me what I do I can show them. Cause if I tell them I’m a painter, they’re gonna ask do I paint houses or pictures? Well what kind of pictures? Then what do you say? I’m not easily categorized, I’m self taught. If I wanted to describe the paintings I’d have to get into categories and I don’t fit in to any.

Painting by Beth Love

Jazz: Here’s my theory about the painting. The town is sponsoring this annual dwarf toss, right, and somehow the dwarves got angry and burned the town… Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Beth Love”

Swashbucklers ~~ Kimberly Dark

Daddy God by Kimberly Dark

Back in the 1970s, the college campus near my house built the little chapel for quiet prayer and contemplation.  It didn’t have lighting at first; the campus added that in the 1980s – small lights just beneath each pew showed where to kneel.  You could rock back on your heels a bit and use the light to see the pages of your bible or your book of reflection.

The chapel is carpeted throughout, just enough space for seven kneelers – strange, swooping angles – a modern meditation hall with dark chunks of stained glass showing a disciple receiving illumination from above as he gazes skyward, supplicant. It isn’t meant for gathering, just somewhere to stop on your way to class, perhaps, or after some heavy discussion in the dorm room when you need to clear your head in peace.  Upon entering, a small pathway leads to the front alter.  Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Kimberly Dark”

Swashbucklers ~~ Patrice Lumumba

The Assassination of Lumumba by Ludo De Witte (Verso 2001 224 p $27)
Black Livingstone by Pagan Kennedy (Viking 2002 237 p $24.95)

Reviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Ted Koppel’s sojourn to the Congo does not mark the first time that either the American media or the world has focused on the region. I’m recommending Black Livingstone and The Assassination of Lumumba for Congo immersion. I’ve got this very real and very dangerous disease where I enter the books I read, Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Patrice Lumumba”