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Pirate Enclave is a zine.

Each voyage, a broadside on culture by swashbuckling artists.



Jimmy Jazz has edited the Pirate Enclave Zine since 1999. He is the writer of six novels: The Sub, House of the Unwed Mother, The Cadillac Tramp, Rube Goldberg Suicide Machine, Where Life is Inappropriate & Home Despot.

His latest work is called The Book of Books.


PE also features work from writers and artists across the seven seas.


PE features clips of live punk rock bands shot by Jimmy Jazz: The Front, Ministry of Truth, PS Your Cat is Dead, Social Spit, Solucion MOrtal, The Renegades & The Tell-Tale Hearts.


PE sells booty: art, books, tshirts and other sundries.


Be sure to ‘like’ Pirate Enclave (PE) on Facebook for access to buried treasure and a chance to (sign articles) submit your own radical art, writing, vegan recipes, videos… for our next monthly voyage.


Pirate Enclave (PE) set sail across the cyber sea in 1999. The name derives from the stories about Captain Mission in the writing of William Burroughs and Hakim Bey.

THE SEA-ROVERS AND CORSAIRS of the 18th century created an “information network” that spanned the globe: primitive and devoted primarily to grim business, the net nevertheless functioned admirably. Scattered throughout the net were islands, remote hideouts where ships could be watered and provisioned, booty traded for luxuries and necessities. Some of these islands supported “intentional communities,” whole mini-societies living consciously outside the law and determined to keep it up, even if only for a short but merry life.  from Temporary Autonomous Zone  (TAZ)

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