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I don’t mean to encourage the delusions of Doomsday Cults, such as Heaven’s Gate or the Republican Party, but since today’s apocalypse caused me to dream of the end of the world last night (redwood trees were falling from the sky and a dolphin fell out of the hurricane and crashed through a car roof as I walked down 30th St.) I thought I would post  the section from BOB on Bukowski’s Last Night of the Earth Poems and a link to one of them.

from The Book of Books

Last Night of the Earth Poems • Charles Bukowski – When I checked this book out of the library I found a poem by Hosho McCreesh droplifted inside by the Guerilla Poetics Project. According to the website where I registered the poem as found, GPP operatives covertly smuggled 52,220 poem broadsides into bookstores and libraries around the world. I tried for a few days to write a poem as solid as Bukowski’s The Soldier, His Wife and the Bum, but failed realizing I lacked the iconic foundation he’d poured across the plumb line of an entire life.