Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 75

My partner, the fair Angela, has just gone through the harrowing process of searching for, applying, and interviewing for a job. She actually got the job, and I’m sure that our landlord and our grocer are as happy about that as we are, and yet our adulation does not diminish what I called in this poem “the humiliation of work.”

I’m reminded of my dearly departed grandma’s voice saying what a blessing to have a job, and my syndicalist friends reminding me what a struggle for workers in the US to earn things we take for granted like relatively safe working conditions, a minimum wage, the 8 hour day… (I mourn the dead workers who were locked in a Bangladeshi garment factory that caught fire) and at the same time wonder if the drug tests, the psychological interviews, the background checks… are conducive to a just work environment where meaningful work is done.

This is a video of a poem I wrote a few years back before starting a job in THE CUBE.