Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 74

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jimmy Jazz and I consider myself a writer. I’ve written several novels, stories, poems, articles,read my poems in public many times, but quite obviously I have been ignoring this blog forum. I’ve been furiously busy revising two of my novels for publication. House of the Unwed Mother and The Cadillac Tramps. Limited editions of both of these books were published in 1993.  And in 2012 new trade paperback and Kindle editions have been created.

As a self-publishing author I have to try to sell the books myself.

House of the Unwed Mother is a fictionalized account of 7 girls’ experience with sex and being Mormon. As Tamara Johnson says in the forward, Catholic guilt has nothing on Mormon guilt, one of the engines of control used by the church. It’s a very vivid and I hope frank account of sexual life. I think it’s appropriate for readers of all ages, because I think that censorship and ignorance lead to young women having families before they are ready.

I did more re-writing on The Cadillac Tramps than I did on HUM. I went over it 8 times in the past few months, and I think it rocks. I thought it was good enough to publish, and so I hope you will let me know. The photographs by Patrick Haley are great too. He shot one roll of film on our trip (before digital) and his intuition about clicking the shutter while a live band is playing rates with the masters. I should probably warn readers that the book contains a PG picture of me running naked through a sprinkler.

The books are self-published through CreateSpace, a print on demand company associated with Amazon. You can buy the books from Amazon for $9.99 plus shipping, but I get a slightly bigger royalty if you order it directly from CreateSpace.

The Cadillac Tramps

House of the Unwed Mother