Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 71

The Knockout Artist • Harry Crews – Lydia Lunch started a band called Harry Crews with Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth that recorded songs based on Crew’s novels. They recorded a live album in London and Austria. After a song called The Gospel Singer Lunch banters with crowd: Harry Crews a man by the same name as the band. I know it’s confusing cause you never heard of him. Continue reading “Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 71”

Jimmy Jazz ~~ Captain’s Blog 70

Last night Angela and I walked up to the Whistle Stop to hear DJ Chris Woo spin some tunes and check out a show of paintings by another friend Kandi Guzman. Outside on the sidewalk we ran into Murrugun T. Mystic. We had done some shows together about 8 years ago when he was performing as The Junkboy Sideshow. He wondered what happened to a picture I had of him blowing himself up at one of our shows. He actually strapped a metal plate around his chest, rigged it with explosives and detonated it at the show. The explosion was much bigger than anyone expected. ‘Kaboomski’, as my old mate Cecil Hayduke liked to say.

The blast knocked him clean out of the picture and left a huge bruise on his chest. He went on to become a first rate sword swallower and sideshow act extraordnaire. ‘I got more than I picture’ I said. ‘I got a video!’ The actual blow up happens so fast it may be hard to follow at first. I’ve replayed it over and over, and find it funnier each time.


Swashbucklers ~~ Andre Breton

Anthology of Black Humor by Andre Breton reviewed by Jimmy Jazz

My grandparent’s sent me a church pamphlet once lamenting the passing from decorum the dialectal (or black) humor. Amos ‘n’ Andy sure could shuck and jive. Those black people are some of the funniest folks I have known, I’ll never forget the way that Benny kid used to cut up in my humanities class. Knee-slapper. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Andre Breton”

Swashbucklers ~~ Ellyn Maybe

Ellyn Maybe interviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Jazz: How did you get your nom de plume?

Maybe: I felt too shy to ever read. The first time I read was at an open reading where they had 19 readers and they wanted 20. People were going, ‘Oh Ellyn can read!’ So I read at that, really shy about the whole thing… People were encouraging. The first few readings I went to, when it was time to sign up, I put in parentheses (Maybe I’ll read) because I wasn’t sure. It was pretty scary. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Ellyn Maybe”

Swashbucklers ~~ Dennis Cooper

Dennis Cooper interviewed by Jimmy Jazz

Jazz: This Scottish writer I know, Barry Graham, told me once that you refused to speak at a Gay Pride event because you didn’t like the music. I was hoping you could comment on the role that music plays in your novels, for example Hüsker Dü in Try.
Dennis Cooper: Music’s really important to and in my work. The Husker Du stuff in Try was a tribute to Bob Mould, who’s a hero of mine. Continue reading “Swashbucklers ~~ Dennis Cooper”